Attendance Policy


Regular and punctual attendance is essential for the optimum learning, growth, and development of students. When a student is absent from school, he/she must bring a written excuse stating the reason for the absence on the day he/she returns to class. The Principal has legal authority to determine if an absence is excused. A student will be excused from school only for those reasons listed in the Seminole County School Student Conduct and Discipline Code. A student shall be considered truant when absent without permission of the parent/guardian or when the parent/guardian consents to unnecessary absences.

An excused student absence is defined as illness, death in the family, family emergency (approved by the Principal), and observance of religious holy days. Students with excused absences will be given the opportunity to make up schoolwork according to the following guidelines: A student who is absent is required to make up all coursework missed, regardless of whether the absence is excused or unexcused. Students with unexcused absences will receive a zero for the daily assignment (s). It is the student's responsibility to obtain assignments upon returning to class immediately following an absence. Students shall have no less, plus one, than the number of days absent to complete and turn in make-up work for credit.

Absences due to head lice (pediculosis), nits, or immunization non-compliance in excess of three (3) school days will be considered an unexcused absence. The school will make a referral to the School Board nurse who will assess the need for forwarding the student to the school social worker.

A student may be excused for a continued or repeated illness up to ten (10) attendance days in a span of ninety (90) calendar days. After this period of time, medical verification will be required. If no verification is submitted within three (3) student attendance days, referral to the School Board nurse will be required.

Dismissals during the Day

No child may be dismissed during the school day unless a parent/guardian comes to the office to sign the appropriate form releasing the child. Please use discretion when making appointments that interfere with school time. Student attendance records will be updated to indicate students who do not attend a full day of school. If you must pick up your child before dismissal time, we request you do so prior to the last 30 minutes of the school day to ensure maximum student safety and to avoid the busy activity of dismissal.

Early release of students is strongly discouraged. Students may only be released (signed out) to parents, guardians, or other persons designated on the Heathrow Security Card. You will be required to use the security code on the Security Card and/or show identification when picking up your child from the office. A phone call may be made to the parent or guardian who signed the enrollment form to verify if an individual is eligible to remove the student from the campus.


It is extremely important that students arrive at school on time each day no later than 7:50 am. Students arriving after 7:55 am must come into the front office to be signed in by an adult because classroom doors are locked. Continued or excessive tardies will be referred to the social worker and a home visit will result.

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